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Food Futures

Towards Sustainable Production and Consumption
9-10 December 2013

The global food system and the natural resource base that underpins it are under increased strain. Rising populations and incomes and accelerating climate change are challenging the sustainability of existing models of production and consumption.
The reality is that one in seven of the global population is undernourished and two in seven are overweight - a rising proportion in developed and developing countries alike.

This conference will consider how the production and consumption of food can be shaped to match the future needs of the global population, and ask what changes in investment, business practice and global governance might ensure this occurs in a sustainable way.

  • Where is the global food system most vulnerable to climate change?
  • How should public policy and responsible business practice respond to emerging trends in consumption?
  • What technological innovation is required to overcome the most pressing challenges in food production?
  • Can responsible investment in food deliver a more sustainable future?
  • What roles can multilateral initiatives, national policy, and new business models play?


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