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Area Studies and International Law

ResearchThis research area incorporates the work of our regional programmes: Africa, the Americas, Asia, Europe, including Turkey, the Middle East and North Africa, Russia and Eurasia. The research focus on these regions ensures that Chatham House is well-placed to identify potential sources of conflict and emerging trends.

Work on International Law includes discussion of international legal issues and their practical application to current problems in international relations.

International Security


New security challenges continue to grow in importance, especially in cyberspace, threats to global health and the ongoing dangers posed by drugs and organized crime. The International Security department brings together thinking in these areas with more traditional security concerns - whether in the areas of nuclear technology, ensuring reliable energy supplies or managing the Western troop draw-down in Afghanistan.

The Centre on Global Health Security focuses on disease threats and determinants that transcend borders; access to health-related products, technologies and services; and international affairs, governance and health.

Energy, Environment and Resources

Energy, Environment, ResourcesThis research area incorporates work on energy, environment and development policy. It aims to produce innovative thinking on the major policy challenges and to influence and enable decision-makers to take well-informed decisions that contribute to achieving sustainable development. 

Current research focuses on potential future flashpoints for resource security, translating early warning into early action to avert food crises, and assessing the impacts of Saudi Arabia's rising domestic fuel use.

International Economics

EconomicsThis research area is devoted to the study of international economic issues and policies. Its goal is to anticipate emerging themes, provide accurate and policy-oriented research, and actively contribute to public debate. Main research themes are trade, investment and finance, reforms and governance, globalization and regionalization.

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