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Alastair Newton

Alastair Newton has been Senior Political Analyst at Nomura International plc since October 2008, having first joined Lehman Brothers International in that capacity in 2005. He is responsible for identifying, tracking and analysing political events worldwide likely to impact on financial markets.

Prior to Lehman, Alastair spent 20 years in the British Diplomatic Service. He served in sub-Saharan Africa, Paris (at the OECD) and the United States. In London, he worked in intelligence co-ordination (including during the 1990/91 Gulf War), policy planning and economic relations, as well as running the Prime Minister's G7/8 team from 1998 to 2000.

Alastair is an active participant in Track II discussions aimed at enhancing economic and political stability across the Middle East and North Africa region. He is a member of the Supervisory Board of African Development Corporation; the Practitioners' Advisory Board of the journal Global Policy; the London School of Economics' Knowledge Transfer Working Group; the British Banking Association's Trade Advisory Panel; and the Liberalisation of Trade in Services (LOTIS) Committee of TheCityUK.

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