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Caroline Wyatt

Caroline Wyatt has been a BBC defence correspondent since 2007, covering the work of British Forces in Iraq and Afghanistan, and defence-related issues in the UK.

From November 2001 to April 2002, Caroline covered the British and US campaign in Afghanistan, and later peacekeeping efforts in Bagram and Kabul. In spring 2003, Caroline was one of a team of BBC correspondents embedded with British troops during the conflict in Iraq. She also covered the conflict in Chechnya, and was based in Albania and Kosovo in 1999, reporting the NATO campaign.

Caroline joined the BBC as a News and Current Affairs trainee in 1991, after gaining a postgraduate diploma in print journalism at City University in London. She has been based in Germany, Russia and France as a correspondent for the BBC.

Caroline has also presented The World Tonight, Saturday PM and From Our Own Correspondent on BBC Radio 4, and Europe Today, Newshour and Outlook on BBC World Service.

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