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Cleo Paskal

Associate Fellow, Energy, Environment and Resources

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Telephone: +44 20 8123 6808


  • Geopolitical, economic, strategic and security implications of large-scale environmental change
  • How climate change might change borders and/or completely extinguish countries
  • How climate change might alter global transportation systems and what that could mean economically and geostrategically
  • New challenges to energy security
  • Identification of nations/regions where environmental change is most likely to trigger conflict
  • Military implications of environmental change
  • Geopolitics in the Pacific
  • Economic, political and social issues in the world's smallest countries and dependencies (including Monaco, Liechtenstein, Andorran, San Marino, Iceland, Faroe Islands, Maldives, Seychelles, Tuvalu, Kiribati, Tonga, Nauru, Cook Islands, French Polynesia and others)
  • Working with the Government of the Kingdom of Tonga on the Tonga Energy RoadMap (TERM)


  • Global Warring: How Environmental, Economic, and Political Crises Will Redraw the World Map (Palgrave).
  • Studies with Chatham House on how environmental change could have major boundary, economic and security implications for Asia, the Pacific, the Arctic and elsewhere.
  • Working with Manipal University, India, to incorporate environmental change-related awareness, research and innovation throughout all the university's departments, including Management, Engineering, Bio-Tech, Architecture, Medical and Communications.
  • Working with SCMS, Kochi, India, on global change related research and projects.

Recent Publications



2008-Date Adjunct Faculty, Global Change, SCMS, Kochi, India
2007-Date Adjunct Faculty, Department of Geopolitics, Manipal University, India
2005-Date Columnist, Toronto Star
2001-2005 Columnist, National Post
2001 Producer/writer/presenter, Small Worlds, BBC World Service
1990-Date Foreign correspondent, writer, presenter and/or travel journalist for (among many others): The Independent, BBC radio 4, BBC World Service, Channel 4 (light entertainment and documentaries), Columbia Journalism Review, The Economist, Wired, Chicago Tribune, Dallas Morning News, Boston Globe, St. Petersburg Times, Australian Financial Review, Times of India, Hard News, Japan Times, CBC radio and Globe and Mail.


Over two dozen major awards for published works. Also wrote a 13-part Emmy-winning tv documentary series. Global Warring awarded a Special Merit in the 2010 Grantham Prize, and won the Mavis Gallant Non-Fiction Book Award.

Broadcast Experience

Extensive for print, radio and TV


English, French
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