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Joseph Gaggero Hall Renovation

The Joseph Gaggero Hall is named after Joe Gaggero (1927-2012) who was a long-standing member of Chatham House and whose support is enabling the institute to fulfil its mission to foster debate and share ideas.

The Joseph Gaggero HallThe refurbishment of what is now the Joseph Gaggero Hall took place during the summer of 2008. The work included a renovation of the physical space and a significant upgrading of its communications capacity. The hall and entrance area were redesigned and the hall ceiling height was increased. New stage setup options were introduced to facilitate panel discussions, 'conversations' and major lectures. The technical capacity was also greatly increased to allow video-conferencing to involve outside speakers and webcasting capability to live-stream events. 

Joseph Gaggero formally opens the new Hall

The refurbishment was made possible by a gift from the Gaggero Foundation, which, combined with the many contributions we received from members via the Annual Fund appeal, covered the entire cost of the refurbishment and enabled Chatham House to move forward without having to draw on our reserves.

Chatham House remains indebted to Sir John Power and his family, after whom the institute's first conference hall in the garden behind 10 St James's Square was named. The name of the hall was transferred to the current space when it was adapted into a conference hall in the 1960s following the redevelopment of the site.

Audio history of the John Power Hall (mp3)

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