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Past Annual Funds


We would like to thank all our donors for their generous support. Contributions to the Chatham House Annual Fund provide an important source of discretionary income as well as funding a specific project which is of benefit to future generations of members, speakers, staff and researchers. You can see a list of past donors in our annual review or online by year: 2012, 2011, 2010, 2009 and 2008.

The 2012/13 Annual Fund: The Julius Fellowship

The 2012/13 Annual Fund raised over £150,000 towards the creation of the DeAnne Julius Fellowship in International Economics.

The Julius Fellowship will nurture individuals from the next generation and across the world interested in developing solutions to the complex challenges of global economic interdependence. It honours the institute's former chairman, Dame DeAnne Julius.

The Fellowship forms part of the institute’s wider aim to create an ever-expanding network of independent thinkers on international affairs. They will bring new international perspectives and voices to the institute and into Western policy and they will drive the debate of new ideas on international politics and global governance. The resulting alumni network of young professionals who share common perceptions and aspirations will be of great value to the institute in the long term.

List of Annual Fund Contributors 2012-13

The 2011/12 Annual Fund: The Chatham House eLibrary

In 2011/12 the Annual Fund raised over £70,000 towards the online development of the Chatham House eLibrary. With the funds raised, the Library is now working to expand member access to both in-house and online resources and will be launching the new eLibrary in the summer of 2012. This will become an important resource for members, supporters, staff and international relations experts regardless of location or proximity to Chatham House.  

What is the eLibrary?
The eLibrary will allow members to search a range of electronic sources of information as well as the Chatham House Library catalogue simultaneously from a single search box

How will the eLibrary be different from existing services? Combining JSTOR with the EBSCO Political Science Complete collection will more than double the number of full-text electronic journals that members can access

What will be available through the eLibrary? A wide range of resources including over 1,500 journals from JSTOR and the EBSCO Political Science, Newsbank and the Chatham House Library catalogue. 

Why now?
All libraries suffer from the problem of having a long list of electronic resources which can be confusing and off-putting for users. This system will make electronic resources simpler to use and more ‘discoverable’.

List of Annual Fund Contributors 2011-12

2010/11: ‘Taking Chatham House to the World’

The 2010/11 Annual Fund campaign, ‘Taking Chatham House to the World’, raised over £80,000 thanks to the generous support of members and donors. With the funds raised we have now strengthen our multimedia content and online technology to communicate with members, friends and policy-makers in new and innovative ways. For further information about our ambitions you can watch our short film. Our achievements include:

Improved Online Resources

  • Expanded audio and video content of member events that members can stream online or download (2011).
  • More regular live streaming of member events (at least two per month) for those members who are unable to attend events (2011).
  • An enhanced Members Area (2011-12).
Wider International Outreach
Greater Audience Participation
Education for the Next Generation
  • High-quality multimedia content available through iTunes (2011).
  • Long-form audio features, each focusing on different aspects of Chatham House (2011).
List of Annual Fund Contributors 2010-11

2009/10: Library Without Walls

In 2009/10, the Library Without Walls campaign raised £50,000 to preserve and enhance one of the richest legacies of our history - a collection of 3,000 transcripts of speeches held at Chatham House from 1920 to 1965. As the only existing record of this invaluable material, they have now been digitized and restored. Current members of Chatham House can register to access the speech and meetings' archive.

Chatham House Speakers
Chatham House speakers include (from left to right):
Isaiah Berlin, Konrad Adenauer, Ian Fleming, Dorothy Sayers, Mahatma Gandhi and Winston Churchill.


Thank you to our generous donors who contributed the £50,000 towards this campaign. 

List of Annual Fund Contributors 2009-10


We are currently clearing literary rights and if you are the rights holder for a person who spoke at Chatham House between 1920 and 1965 please contact Chatham House so that we can arrange to discuss this further. To contact Chatham House please book an appointment with a Library staff member,, or for instructions on how to view the archives please email us at or phone us on +44 (0)20 7957 5721.

2008/09: Chatham House Hall

In 2008/09 a highly successful Annual Fund appeal was based around supplementing the refurbishment of the institute's conference hall - now known as the Joseph Gaggero Hall. This included both an overhaul of the physical space and a dramatic upgrading of its communications capacity.

The Joseph Gaggero Hall is purpose-built for conferences, meetings and seminars. A raised platform ensures excellent visibility for speakers and creates an intimate atmosphere for discussion. Sound-proof partitions enable the hall to be converted into two smaller units, each with its own platform and entrance. 

List of Annual Fund Contributors 2008-09

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