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Have you thought about leaving a gift to Chatham House in your Will?

You may wish to leave a gift in your Will in favour of Chatham House. You can find details below on how to do this and about how your gift could benefit the institute by downloading our legacy brochure.

As we look beyond our centenary in 2020, we hope to embark upon new areas of research and new ventures to ensure the institute remains a world-leading source of independent analysis and influential ideas on how to build a prosperous and secure world for all.  A gift in your Will can help this happen.

Leaving a gift to Chatham House in your Will

Leaving a gift in your Will to a cause close to your heart, such as Chatham House, is your opportunity to make a difference and gifts to charities in your Will are free of Inheritance Tax.

Your Will is one of the most important legal documents you can make and it does not have to be complicated. We recommend that you consult a solicitor when writing or amending your Will, to ensure that the wording is correct. With the right legal advice from your solicitor and some useful information from us you can make sure that your wishes are carried out.

How to leave a gift to Chatham House in your Will

There are four main types of gifts which you can choose. If you want to leave a gift to Chatham House please ask your solicitor to use one of the suggested forms of wording listed in the attached document, How to leave a gift to Chatham House in your Will.

Gifts we have received in the past

No matter how large or small, any gift left for Chatham House in your Will can make a difference. During the institute’s early years, the building itself was left to the institute but Chatham House has also received legacies to fund events as well as furniture displayed around the house.

Here to Help

To talk to someone at Chatham House about any kind of gift or how your gift will be applied, please contact:

Membership Department
T: +44 (0) 20 7314 3631   

Frequently Asked Questions

The Importance of having a Will

Writing a valid Will is the only way you can be sure that your wishes are carried out and your loved ones provided for. Not having a Will means the laws of intestacy determine who will inherit and this may cause your family the distress of resolving legal problems in addition to losing a loved one.

Isn't this a private matter?

The only way anyone should find out about the contents of your Will during your lifetime is if you choose to tell them, and we will never ask you to tell us your wishes. Our Chatham House Legacy Charter states this clearly.

Can I talk to someone at Chatham House?

If you would like to discuss leaving a gift to Chatham House in your Will please contact:

Membership Department
T: +44 (0) 20 7314 3631   

You also have the option of completing an Intention to Give form. If you want your gift to be used in a specific area, it can be put towards one of our named funds, further information on these can be found in our legacy brochure.

How can I add Chatham House as a beneficiary if I already have a Will?

Your circumstances will change over time and you can change the contents of your Will at any time and for any reason – regardless of what you had originally decided to leave in your Will You can create a brand new Will (negating any previous Wills) which would be our recommended course of action or you can attach a codicil – a document that provides updated information without the need to write a completely new Will. We have put together a Chatham House Codicil which you can pass to your solicitor as a starting point. Drafting a codicil personally can easily result in accidentally deleting clauses in your Will contrary to your intention and we would not therefore recommend that you try to do this yourself.

Would a small gift make any difference?

We understand that looking after your family always comes first. Anything you choose to leave to Chatham House will make a difference, no matter how small or large.

What will my gift be put towards?

Chatham House has created four legacy funds which will direct your gift towards different projects within the institute. However, if you would like your gift to be used by us for something specific please contact us to discuss. Please be aware that any gifts we receive will be put towards achieving our mission to be a world-leading source of independent analysis, informed debate and influential ideas on how to build a prosperous and secure world for all.

Wouldn't it be better to help now rather than later?

We are grateful for any support for our work, whenever and however you choose to do so. If you would like to donate now please visit our support us page on the website. If you would like to leave a gift in your Will this will help us to respond to future challenges we face, whatever they may be.

I’m an executor and there is a bequest to Chatham House in the Will. How do I give it to you?

Please send a cheque payable to ‘Chatham House’ and if possible please let us know who the gift was from so that we can acknowledge it and thank the family as appropriate. Contact details are:

Membership, Chatham House, 10 St James’s Square, London, SW1Y 4LE, UK
Registered Charity Number: 208223

How will my family be recognized for any gifts I make?

Any gifts received by Chatham House will usually be listed in the Annual Review and online in a way that is appropriate to the wishes of your family. Please contact Chatham House to discuss this further.

If you wish to leave a more substantial legacy and would like to be remembered in a particular way within the institute, we would be delighted to discuss this with you further.

What if I want to give anonymously?

We are of course happy to respect your wishes and you can choose to give a gift anonymously if you prefer.

How will leaving a gift in my Will affect my Inheritance Tax?

If your estate is liable to Inheritance Tax, you could reduce the amount due by choosing to give money to charity. For further instructions on how to do this, please contact your solicitor or visit the HMRC website.

How do you spend donations and gifts?

Currently, fundraising and donations count for less than 4% of total income for Chatham House (2010/11), with Legacy giving counting for only a fraction of that. However, 80p out of every pound raised is spent on research, membership services and events.

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