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Antimicrobial Resistance

Incentivizing Change towards a Global Solution
3-4 October 2013

The problem of antimicrobial resistance is becoming increasingly urgent. What can be done to mitigate the spread of resistant infections, extend the effectiveness of current treatments and develop new antibiotics and vaccines to address the problem?

This conference will explore the global problem of antimicrobial resistance, outline its scale and impacts, and present ideas on what governments, health practitioners, businesses and the international community can do to deal with it.

Sessions will examine the change in policies, behaviours and incentives needed, including:

  • Strategies to overcome the problem of antimicrobial resistance worldwide
  • How resistant infections may be controlled
  • How antimicrobial resistance may be affected by the use of antibiotics in food and agriculture
  • Policies and commercial incentives needed to stimulate drug development and discovery
  • How to foster a global commitment to tackling the problem