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Kick-starting the European Economy

25-26 June 2012

Faced with the ongoing eurozone crisis, what are Europe’s prospects for growth?

This conference will assess the full implications of the crisis and examine the opportunities for radical pro-competitiveness reform.

  • What are the prospects for growth in an increasingly turbulent eurozone?
  • Will Europe’s proposed new ‘growth compact’ and Eurobonds deliver growth? Does Europe have the time to wait?  
  • What will the European Investment Bank’s role be in a new ‘growth compact’ for Europe? 
  • Is it time for Europe to go back to basics and ‘think small’?

The conference will bring together European policy-makers, financiers and investors from Europe and emerging markets, along with representatives from regional development hubs and the relevant business sectors to discuss the reform priorities for growth in the face of demands for austerity.