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Time to Rethink Iran?

Lord Garden Memorial Lecture

Thursday 21 June 2012 13:00 to 14:00 BST


Chatham House, London


Jon Snow, Broadcaster, Channel 4 News
Chair: Dr Julie Smith, Chair, Liberal International British Group (LIBG)

Type: Lord Garden Memorial

Jon Snow reported from Iran during the 1979 Islamic Revolution and the subsequent US Hostage Crisis, and has been to Iran on a number of occasions since - including to interview President Ahmadinejad several times. At a time of renewed engagement with Iran, he will discuss alternatives to the West’s policy of ostracization since the Revolution and offer a new perspective, informed by events that range from Syria to Pakistan and beyond.

This annual lecture is held in honour of Lord Garden, former Director of Chatham House and a foreign affairs, defence and security expert.

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