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Financial Regulation

Towards a Global Regulatory Framework?
11 March 2013

After the financial crisis there was a drive towards global integration of financial regulation. This conference will ask whether this can be maintained as governments face the realities of political pressure from their electorates and their banks.

As governments and regulators act to protect taxpayers from bail-outs, there is a tendency to discourage risky cross-border investments. As a result, capital is being renationalized, and business is withdrawing to within regulatory regimes.

This conference will assess the emerging global regulatory architecture, and focus on key issues such as:

  • The possibility of creating a non-conflicting, global regulatory framework

  • The emerging pan-European regulatory architecture

  • The impact of global regulation on cross-border financial flows

  • Proposed solutions to ‘too big to fail’ (ring-fencing, subsidiarization, resolution)

  • The likely consequences of OTC derivatives legislation

  • The extent to which ‘shadow banking’ can be regulated

Keynote speakers include Vítor Constâncio, Vice President, European Central Bank.