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Each year Chatham House experts, speakers and publications contribute to around 3,000 interviews and articles in the national and international media. The list below is a short selection of contributions in recent days and weeks.
  • The New York Times, 19 March 2014

    'Tymoshenko is ready to bend morals and values just as much as Yanukovych,' said Orysia Lutsevych. 'It’s why people said he had no right to judge her, because they come from the same gang.'

  • France 24, 18 March 2014

    'Increasingly, public opinion is shifting in a direction that is more symphathetic, if you like, to the nationalist agenda,' says John Swenson-Wright.

  • The New York Times, 18 March 2014

    'Putin could not have scripted this better for those who believe in the continuing relevance of NATO,' said Robin Niblett.

  • NBC News, 18 March 2014

    'After ten to 12 years of military intervention in Afghanistan and Iraq, there is a feeling that the use of force isn’t necessarily the best way to resolve conflict,' said Kathleen McInnis.

  • Project Syndicate, 18 March 2014

    When dealing with a leader whose credo is defined by the notion that 'the weak get beaten,' Western governments must demonstrate their resolve, without sacrificing flexibility, writes Bobo Lo.

  • Public Radio International, 17 March 2014

    'His support or opposition was instrumental to a lot of political leaders in Ukraine. And you know it's up to a court to prove whether he's guilty or not, but he has been polluting [the] political system for quite some time,' said Orysia Lutsevych.

  • Financial Times, 17 March 2014

    'I do not think we can say with confidence that . . . we could resolve a failing global giant,' said Sir Jon Cunliffe at a conference at Chatham House.

  • Reuters, 17 March 2014

    International standard setters have made progress in reforming banking rules since Lehman went under in September 2008, Jon Cunliffe, the deputy governor, told a Chatham House financial conference.

  • The Guardian, 17 March 2014

    Cunliffe – part of the new team being put in place at the Bank of England – told a conference at Chatham House that more needed to be done to solve the need for taxpayer bailouts of banks.

  • The Telegraph, 17 March 2014

    'Resolving global systemically important banks and ensuring they are international in death as well as life, mutual trust has to be built on common standards and rules to ensure banks have debt that can be safely bailed-in in the right amount and location,' said Sir Jon Cunliffe speaking at a Chatham House conference.

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