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Each year Chatham House experts, speakers and publications contribute to around 3,000 interviews and articles in the national and international media. The list below is a short selection of contributions in recent days and weeks.
  • ABC Radio Australia, 27 February 2014

    'Very right-wing politicians in Japan have been saying some fairly inflammatory things about it, the Nanjing Massacre didn't happen, and that the comfort women didn't really exist. And so a lot of irritation, so I think this is a way of striking back,' says Kerry Brown.

  • Open Democracy, 26 February 2014

    The struggle for self-determination and human rights has begun in the Middle East and North Africa, but we cannot be sure how the struggle will unfold. All we can be sure about is the direction of desired travel, and the formidable state-based assets, regional and western, seeking to divert or crush these changes, write Kristian Coates Ulrichsen and David Held.

  • Reuters, 26 February 2014

    'Picking a fight with donors over (gay) rights both strengthens Museveni's claim to be bravely standing up to neo-imperial pressure, and appeals to a strong current of religious conservatism that can unite people,' said Ben Shepherd.

  • The Guardian, 26 February 2014

    'If health workers get infected, they are a conduit out. What is important is what is done in the hospital,' said David Heymann.

  • Monocle, 26 February 2014

    'If the [Japanese] government were to proceed along the line it's suggested this would lead to yet further deterioration of bilateral relations between Japan and South Korea,' says John Swenson-Wright. (12:55)

  • Al Arabiya, 26 February 2014

    Netanyahu’s demand of Abbas, for all means and purposes, is rendered insignificant considering that Israel is a sovereign state, writes Yossi Mekelberg.

  • The Age, 26 February 2014

    'He will face criticism from human rights groups, and even the loss of some donor funding,' wrote Ben Shepherd. 'But he has not enjoyed warm relations with either for some time, and any loss would almost certainly be more than off-set by a much-needed domestic bounce.'

  • The Prague Post, 25 February 2014

    'There are interests in the country, and some of these are supported by Russia, that will try to use the leverage of this situation to achieve their goals. It’s important to recognize the danger but not to exaggerate its likelihood,' said John Lough.

  • Wall Street Journal, 25 February 2014

    'Museveni may be tempted by a turn to the well-worn tactic of anticolonial populism,' wrote Ben Shepherd. 'In this context, harsh legislation on sexuality is a relatively easy win.'

  • The Telegraph, 25 February 2014

    'The government has been able to tap into the Turkish proclivity to believe in conspiracies. It’s successfully said these allegations are being made up by the US, Israel and foreign investors - which it calls the interest rate lobby - and its message is re-inforced by the fact that Fetullah Gulen lives in Pennsylvania,' said Fadi Hakura.

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