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Middle East and North Africa Energy 2012

Investing for the Future in Turbulent Times
30-31 January 2012

The oil and gas resources of the Middle East and North African region are crucial to meeting the world’s energy demand but many of the region’s states face the challenge of rapidly rising domestic energy consumption and a demographic and budgetary pressure to generate economic growth.  

Today, the region is rocked by popular unrest and faces a time of unprecedented upheaval. Established political dynamics are changing and rebalancing at a domestic, regional and international level. 

  • What are the implications of the Arab Spring for the future of global energy supplies?
  • How will the relationships between all those involved in the energy sector - governments, national oil companies, international oil companies and service companies - change as a result of the recent developments in the region? 

This conference will offer new perspectives on the complex political and social issues confronting the region. It will provide a unique platform for policy makers, governments, commentators and key industry figures to assess the current situation and ask what lies ahead.