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Chatham House podcasts give insight from across the expertise at Chatham House. You can also listen to recordings of many events held at Chatham House, and watch video of a selection. Several of our events are also live streamed.

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Podcast: Opportunity in Crisis: Dr Soraya Sobhrang
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Event Foreign Fighters in Syria
48:44 | Download

Event Q&A: Foreign Fighters in Syria
8:46 | Download

Event Speech: Libya's Future
28:26 | Download

Event Q&A: Libya's Future
28:41 | Download

Podcast: Opportunity in Crisis - Shaheer Shahriar
8:40 | Download

Podcast: Opportunity in Crisis - Judge Najla Ayubi
18:16 | Download

Event Speech: The Impacts of Sino-African Cooperation on Africa
31:05 | Download

Event Speech: The ICC and the Yugoslav Tribunal
93:16 | Download

Event Speech: Rt Hon Michael Fallon MP
7:42 | Download

Event Q&A: A Shale Gas Revolution for the UK?
40:01 | Download

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