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Innovation 2012: Science, Technology and Competitiveness - Cancelled

5-6 March 2012

The Innovation 2012 conference will discuss the expectations and political constraints placed upon science and technology’s contribution to global prosperity. It will examine the circumstances under which curiosity-driven innovation flourishes and asses what systems and networks need to be in place to optimize its opportunities. 

  • Is scientific innovation the magic bullet in addressing global challenges and generating prosperity?
  • How might technological advances disrupt the current economic and social models?
  • Is an 'open society' prerequisite to enabling innovation or does a ‘closed’ political regime or a government of technocrats deliver better results for today’s challenges?
  • Do nations require their own scientific and research base to be innovative? What are the other enabling factors?
  • What role should the public play in deciding the future directions of scientific research and technology?
  • The politics of evidence: is science policy in reality driven by the public’s perception of risk?
  • Should access to scientific data be made public at all stages of research? What could be the consequences of such an approach?