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    Can China continue to dictate the news agenda online?

    The freedom of communication introduced by the internet was supposed to sound the death knell for state censorship. But authoritarian regimes still manage to control the message and how liberal digital media remains compromised. In the first of four articles, we look at how China continues to keep journalists on a short lead.


    Vincent Ni is a journalist working for the BBC World Service in London

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    Our 70th anniversary: How we saw the future of flying in 1945

    The ocean barriers are down, the mountain ramparts are removed from the paths of transport. Flying has advanced from adventure to an ordinary fact of everyday life. War has telescoped time in the development of aviation. Peace must now use the advantages which are offered for the benefit of mankind. 

    714Alan Philps
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    Chaos in the Arab world suits Russia’s domestic propaganda

    Moscow is using the unrest in the Middle East to reinforce its media messages about the threat from the West at home

    714Nikolay Kozhanov
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    Review: Two books on the value of spies

    The New Spymasters – Inside Espionage from the Cold War to Global Terror
    Stephen Grey
    Viking, £20

    Why Spy? The Art of Intelligence
    Brian Stewart & Samantha Newbery 
    Hurst, £25


    Robert Fox is Defence Editor of The Evening Standard

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    Putin's troll factories

    How Moscow controls access to western media 

    714Keir Giles
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    Review: Kafka in Saigon

    The Sympathizer
    Viet Thanh Nguyen
    Grove Press, $26. UK edition forthcoming

    714Lord Michael Williams of Baglan
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    War has made Syria’s media slicker and more responsive but the message is still selective

    As the country falls apart, normal life continues on Syrian state TV


    Jim Muir is a BBC correspondent based in Beirut, and has monitored the Syrian crisis since it erupted in March 2011. Any views expressed are his own

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    Review: Liberty, equality, fragility

    The History of Modern France: From the Revolution to the Present Day
    Jonathan Fenby
    Simon and Schuster, £25



    John Lichfield is France correspondent for The Independent

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    Sailing into the mafia’s arms

    The journey across the Sahara and the Mediterranean is not the only danger facing migrants fleeing Africa. Once they arrive in Italy, they are increasingly vulnerable to criminal exploitation.


    Simon Massey is a Senior Lecturer in International Relations at Coventry University

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    Reading list: Greece

    The 13th Labour of Hercules: Inside the Greek Crisis
    Yannis Palaiologos (Portobello Books £9.87)
    From tax-dodging ship-owners to self-serving functionaries, the Greek state is all but immobilized by constituencies that are determined to resist change. These pathologies of the Hellenic polity are analysed by a bilingual Oxford graduate who has enjoyed success not only as a reporter but as a satirical playwright. 


    Bruce Clark, author of ‘Twice a Stranger: How Mass Expulsion Forged Modern Greece and Turkey’ and The Economist’s Erasmus blog