• Image credit: Horst RahmelowResearch paper

    South Korea’s Engagement in Sub-Saharan Africa: Fortune, Fuel and Frontier Markets

    South Korea’s renewed engagement in sub-Saharan Africa is driven primarily by three factors: the pursuit of food and energy security; the establishment of new markets for its manufactured goods; and the enhancement of its credentials as a prominent global power, particularly in order to counter the diplomacy of North Korea.

    Vincent Darracq, TAPIR Fellow, Africa Programme, Chatham House (2011)
    Daragh Neville, Projects Assistant, Africa Programme, Chatham House

  • Man on a ridge at Jebel Jassassiyeh, looking towards Ras Laffan, a major terminal for Qatar's natural gas. Photo by Peter Dowley, CC by 2.0.Research paper

    Finding the ‘Right’ Price for Exhaustible Resources: The Case of Gas in the Gulf

    Most of the Gulf countries are gas-rich but prone to shortages. Price neither properly reflects costs nor rewards sustainable use, and a lack of price benchmark inhibits policy and investment choices to address the problems this is causing.

    Glada LahnProfessor Paul Stevens
  • Russian builders repair a part of the Kremlin wall at Aleksandrovsky garden in Moscow on 25 September 2014. Photo by Getty Images.Research paper

    Defibrillating the Vertikal? Putin and Russian Grand Strategy

    The Ukraine crisis has demonstrated the effectiveness of the Russian power vertikal, but it also reflects the difficulties the leadership faces in creating that power.

    Dr Andrew Monaghan
  • Lofted view of London Bridge at dusk with motion blurred commuters and London bus, with the Shard in the background. Photo by Sean Randall/Getty Images.Other

    The London Conference 2014: Globalization and World Order

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