• Workers sort cocoa fruits near the Mendoa Chocolates plant in the state of Bahia near Ilheus, Brazil, on 29 May 2015. Photo: Paulo Fridman/Bloomberg via Getty Images.Research paper

    Reducing Deforestation in Agricultural Commodity Supply Chains: Using Public Procurement Policy

    This paper explores the potential of using public procurement policy to promote the uptake of sustainable food products in order to reduce imports of agricultural products associated with deforestation.


    Duncan Brack
  • Photo: Aldo Pavan / Getty Images.Research paper

    Somalia’s Federal Future: Layered Agendas, Risks and Opportunities

    As federal institution-building continues in Somalia, respect for minority and smaller clans within the process of member state formation will be essential to ensuring stability, writes Jason Mosley.

    Jason Mosley
  • People in metro, Tokyo. Photo: Rolf Georg Brenner / Contributor / Getty Images.Research paper

    Opportunities and Challenges for Journalism in the Digital Age: Asian and European Perspectives

    While the digital age poses a variety of serious challenges to the forms and finances of journalistic reporting, there is much potential for enhanced collaboration between Asian and European media organizations, writes Gareth Price.

    Dr Gareth Price
  • Hoping to make a little money from Sudan's ocean of black gold, a woman sells tea to roughnecks at an oil rig near Bentiu, Sudan. Photo by Getty Images.Research paper

    The Resource Curse Revisited

    A new paper finds that while natural resources may provide low-income countries with a significant development opportunity, the prevailing extractives-led growth agenda is in urgent need of re-evaluation.

    Professor Paul StevensGlada Lahn

    Jaakko Kooroshy, Former Research Fellow, Energy, Environment and Resources Department, Chatham House (2011–14)

  • The World Today

    Chaos in the Arab world suits Russia’s domestic propaganda

    Moscow is using the unrest in the Middle East to reinforce its media messages about the threat from the West at home

    714Nikolay Kozhanov
  • The World Today

    Review: Two books on the value of spies

    The New Spymasters – Inside Espionage from the Cold War to Global Terror
    Stephen Grey
    Viking, £20

    Why Spy? The Art of Intelligence
    Brian Stewart & Samantha Newbery 
    Hurst, £25


    Robert Fox is Defence Editor of The Evening Standard

  • The World Today

    Putin's troll factories

    How Moscow controls access to western media 

    714Keir Giles
  • The World Today

    Review: Kafka in Saigon

    The Sympathizer
    Viet Thanh Nguyen
    Grove Press, $26. UK edition forthcoming

    714Lord Michael Williams of Baglan
  • The World Today

    War has made Syria’s media slicker and more responsive but the message is still selective

    As the country falls apart, normal life continues on Syrian state TV


    Jim Muir is a BBC correspondent based in Beirut, and has monitored the Syrian crisis since it erupted in March 2011. Any views expressed are his own

  • The World Today

    Review: Liberty, equality, fragility

    The History of Modern France: From the Revolution to the Present Day
    Jonathan Fenby
    Simon and Schuster, £25



    John Lichfield is France correspondent for The Independent