• Photo: iStockphoto.com/tunartResearch paper

    Cartels and Competition in Minerals Markets: Challenges for Global Governance

    This research paper sets out recommendations for enhanced dialogue and intensified international cooperation that could significantly improve the functioning of global mineral markets.

    Jaakko KooroshyFelix PrestonSiân Bradley
  • Manama, Al Manamah, Bahrain. Photo by John Elk / Getty Images.Research paper

    The Costs of Municipal Water Supply in Bahrain

    This paper argues that revising Bahrain's municipal water tariff structure would help conserve water, enhance cost recovery and contribute to achieving social equity among water consumers.

    Dr Waleed Al-Zubari, Professor of Water Resources Management, Arabian Gulf University (AGU)

  • Photo by DeAgostini/Getty ImagesResearch paper

    A Platform for Trade-off Analysis and Resource Allocation: The Water-Energy-Food Nexus Tool and its Application to Qatar’s Food Security

    The short case study presented in this paper explains a publicly available and evolving water–energy–food nexus tool and showcases a sample analysis conducted in Qatar.

    Professor Rabi H Mohtar, TEES Endowed Professor, Texas A&M University
    Bassel Daher, Research Associate, Texas A&M University

  • Photo: J2R / iStockphoto.comResearch paper

    The Defence Industry, Investors and the Arms Trade Treaty

    This paper analyses the role that the defence industry and international investors financing the production and trade of military goods can have in the implementation of the UN Arms Trade Treaty (ATT), and makes a case for why it is beneficial for countries across the world to join it.

    Elli Kytömäki
  • Photo: Albert González Farran, UNAMIDResearch paper

    How Joining the Arms Trade Treaty Can Help Advance Development Goals

    This paper analyses the benefits that countries can draw from joining the UN Arms Trade Treaty (ATT) in terms of reducing the negative consequences of armed violence and promoting sustainable development.

    Elli Kytömäki
  • Two plantation workers tie logs to load a forest train at the lumber storage yard in Wangqing County of Yanbian Korean Autonomous Prefecture, Jilin Province, China. Photo by China Photos/Getty Images.Research paper

    Trade in Illegal Timber: The Response in China

    Although the Chinese government and private sector have taken action to tackle illegal logging and associated trade, there is evidence to suggest illegal trade remains a significant problem.

    Laura Wellesley
  • A motoryclist rides past a private wood processing workshop in HanoI, Vietnam. Photo by HOANG DINH NAM/AFP/Getty Images.Research paper

    Trade in Illegal Timber: The Response in Vietnam

    While the Vietnamese government has made some progress towards tackling illegal logging and the associated trade, there has been little progress in policy reform, and there is still no legislation regulating illegal timber imports.

    Jade Saunders
  • Afghan President Ashraf Ghani. Photo: Haroon Sabawoon/Anadolu Agency/GettyThe World Today

    After the departure of ISAF, what would an Afghan peace process look like?

    Military force is increasingly being used to end civil conflicts, but this cannot bring stability to Afghanistan. The international community must find ways to nurture an inclusive peace process.


    Caroline Hartzell is Professor of Political Science at Gettysburg College and director of its Center for the Study of Global Issues

  • Photo: Press AssociationThe World Today

    What is hiding behind Islamic State?

    The brutal jihadist is simply a frontman for many strands of disaffected Iraqi opinion

    706Nadim Shehadi
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