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Africa-related Chatham House books are listed below.

America and a Changed World: A Question of Leadership
May 2010

At a time of economic crisis and involvement in two wars, President Barack Obama took office calling for a renewal of America's global leadership. In this book, senior resident and affiliated scholars offer perspectives...

Eritrea's External Relations: Understanding its Regional Role and Foreign Policy
December 2009

There are few countries as misunderstood, or even unknown, as Eritrea, yet it has become vital to the stability of east and northeast Africa. Today, Eritrea is one of the most repressive and isolated countries in Africa...

War in the Horn
December 1999

Excellent, lucid and very even handed…' - Richard Dowden, Africa Editor, The Economist . In this, the first authoritative study of the conflict between Eritrea and Ethiopia that broke out in May 1998, the authors...

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