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Democracy and Decentralization: The Implementation of the 2010 Angolan Constitution
Meeting Summary, July 2013

Uncovering African Agency: Angola's Management of China's Credit Lines
Meeting Summary, July 2013

Angola Matters to the US. So What's the Problem?
Alex Vines, May 2013 

UK-Angola Bilateral Relations: Priorities, Influence and Impact
Meeting Summary, May 2013

The Role of New Political Parties in Angola: New Entrant, New Era?
Meeting Summary, May 2013

Change in Angola: The Role of UNITA
Meeting Summary, April 2013

New Investment Frontiers: Angola and Mozambique
Meeting Summary, April 2013

Higher Education in Angola: the Importance of International Partnerships
Meeting Summary, January 2013

Angola and the Gulf of Guinea Towards an Integrated Maritime Strategy
Conference Report, also in Portuguese
November 2012

Angola's 2012 Elections: The View from the Opposition
Meeting Summary, July 2012

Policies and Practicalities: Angola's Business Environment
Meeting Summary, July 2012

The Peace Dividend: Analysis of a Decade of Angolan Indicators, 2002–12
Programme Paper
Markus Weimer, March 2012

Angola: Slick Business Deals
Expert Comment
Markus Weimer, November 2011

The Effects of Oil Companies' Activities on the Environment, Health and Development in sub-Saharan Africa
European Parliament Report
Heike Baumüller, Elizabeth Donnelly, Alex Vines, Markus Weimer, August 2011

Alex Vines and Markus Weimer, July 2011

Strengthening Governance and Accountability in Angola: the Role and Challenges of the National Assembly

Transcript - in Portuguese
Angela Bragança, MP, Movimento Popular de Libertao de Angola (MPLA), Chair of the Foreign Affairs Committee, Angolan Parliament, May 2011
HE Ana Maria Teles Carreira, Angola Ambassador, May 2011 

'Partners, Friends and Allies': The United States and Angola
Meeting Summary
HE Dan Mozena, US Ambassador, Republic of Angola, June 2010

Angolan Complacency Hands Separatists Publicity
Expert Comment
Alex Vines, January 2010

Thirst for African Oil: Asian National Oil Companies in Angola and Nigeria
Chatham House Report
Indira Campos, Alex Vines, Markus Weimer and Lillian Wong, August 2009

Jacob Zuma visits Angola: a Watershed for Southern Africa?
Expert Comment
Markus Weimer, August 2009

Angola as a Global Player
Conference Report
Markus Weimer, August 2009

Angola Fact Sheet
Programme Paper
Alex Vines, June 2009

Old Alliances for a New World
Expert Comment
Markus Weimer, February 2009

Angola: Looking Beyond Elections
ISS Opinion
Alex Vines, October 2008

Angola's Elections: A Democratic Oil Giant?
Programme Paper
Indira Campos, September 2008

Angola Elections: Back to Ballots
The World Today
Indira Campos, August 2008

Bullets to Ballots: The Reintegration of UNITA in Angola
Conflict, Security and Development
Alex Vines and Bereni Oruitemeka, June 2008

Resource Depletion, Dependence and Development
Working Paper
Paul Stevens and John V Mitchell, June 2008

Angola Fuelling Friendship
The World Today
Indira Campos, June 2008

Angola and China: A Pragmatic Partnership
Working Paper
Indira Campos and Alex Vines, March 2008

The Role of the Angolan National Electoral Commission in Angola's Next Elections
Meeting Summary, October 2007

Toward an Angola Strategy: Prioritizing US-Angola Relations
Meeting Summary, September 2007

All Party Parliamentary Group on Angola Report Launch
Meeting Summary, January 2007

All Party Parliamentary Group on Angola Report
APPG on Angola, September 2006

The Challenges for Free and Fair Elections in Angola
Conference Report, July 2005

Angola - Drivers of Change: An Overview
Report, May 2005

Angola's Future (Portuguese version attached)
Report, November 2003

Towards Sustainable Peace: A Challenge for Angola and the International Community
Conference Report, November 2002

Western Foreign Policy Towards Angola in the New Millennium
Conference Report, September 2001

Angola: Prospects for Peace
Rafael Marques, August 1999 

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