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Angola's 2012 Election

On 31 August 2012, Angola held its third election in the country's history. The first election in 1992 ended in conflict. The 2008 elections represented a significant step for Angolan democracy. In this year's forthcoming election, Angolans will vote for the first time under the new constitution. 

This year also marks the tenth year of peace since the Luena Memorandum of Understanding was signed, and now a new generation, one that never fought in war, will participate in the elections to determine their country's future.

New ideas, issues and political parties have emerged on Angola's political scene. At the same time however, in the run-up to the elections, there have been allegations of flawed process, street protests and opposition threats of an election boycott.  

The 2012 elections are a significant marker for Angola and will reveal important insights into the country's democratic development and political landscape. The Angola Forum will supplement the selected publications from previous elections with current commentary and analysis. 

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President Dos Santos Secures Election Win

'President dos Santos and the MPLA are aware that increasing numbers of Angolans expect their government to provide better services, jobs and prosperity,' says Alex Vines. Unita nearly doubled its results from the 2008 election, an outcome that will temper any complaints, says Markus Weimer.


Expert Comment: Beyond the Election
August 2012

After investing heavily in physical infrastructure, human and social infrastructure is now the priority for Angola's government. This will be a diffifult task, explains Markus Weimer. Read >>

Podcast: Markus Weimer on the key election issues:


Angola's 2012 Elections: The View from the Opposition
Domingos Jardo Muekalia, Deputy Secretary for External Relations, UNITA, July 2012

Strengthening Governance and Accountability in Angola: the Role and Challenges of the National Assembly
Transcript (in Portuguese)
Angela Bragança, MP, MPLA, Chair of the Foreign Affairs Committee, May 2011

Angola: Assessing Risks to Stability
CSIS Africa Program Report,
Markus Weimer and Alex Vines, June 2011

Angola: Looking Beyond Elections
ISS Opinion
Alex Vines, October 2008

Angola's Elections: A Democratic Oil Giant?
Programme Paper
Indira Campos, September 2008

Angola Elections: Back to Ballots
The World Today 
Indira Campos, August 2008

Bullets to Ballots: The Reintegration of UNITA in Angola
Conflict, Security and Development
Alex Vines and Bereni Oruitemeka, June 2008

The Role of the Angolan National Electoral Commission in Angola's Next Elections
Meeting Summary, October 2007

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