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Extractive Resources and Society

Since 2003, this project has aimed to inform the international debate on the extractives industry in the Gulf of Guinea region, from Angola to Guinea.

Project Focus:

  • Revenue management 
  • Transparency of the extractive sector
  • Poverty reduction in resource rich countries

The Africa Programme has extended its network of expertise to cover the new oil frontiers in East Africa.  

The project holds regular events and roundtable meetings attended by senior government officials, NGOs, companies, and the media. These included a major conference on Oil Politics in Africa in association with Coventry University during which Hon Eng Irene Muloni MP, Ugandan Minister of Energy and Mineral Development spoke on Uganda’s emerging oil and gas sector.


Oil in Uganda: International Lessons for Success
Programme Report
Ben Shepherd, February 2013 

From Sea to Shining Sea? Africa's Expanding Energy Landscape
Article, Oxford Energy Forum Journal
Alex Vines, November 2012

Diamonds and Human Rights in Zimbabwe
Meeting Summary
Chatham House, November 2012

Conflict Minerals: The Search for a Normative Framework
Programme Paper
Louise Arimatsu and Hemi Mistry, September 2012

Harnessing Mozambique’s Mineral Wealth
Transcript - HE Armando Emílio Guebuza
Chatham House, May 2012

The French Oil Industry and the Corps des Mines in Africa
Meeting Summary
Chatham House, March 2012

Manufacturing Instability? Extractive Industries, the State and the Resource Curse in West Africa
Meeting Summary
Chatham House, February 2012

The Effects of Oil Companies' Activities on the Environment, Health and Development in sub-Saharan Africa
European Parliament Report
Heike Baumüller, Elizabeth Donnelly, Alex Vines, Markus Weimer, August 2011

Seeking the Economic Kingdom: Ghana becomes an Oil Exporter
Compilation of resources
Chatham House, December 2010

Promoting Democratic Management of Africa's Oil Wealth: Lessons from Angola, São Tomé Prí­ncipe, and Nigeria
Conference Summary
August 2010

Thirst for African Oil: Asian National Oil Companies in Nigeria and Angola
Chatham House Report
Alex Vines, Lillian Wong, Markus Weimer and Indira Campos, August 2009

Nigeria's Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative: Just a Glorious Audit?
Programme Paper
Nicholas Shaxson, November 2009

Angola and China: A Pragmatic Partnership
Chatham House Working Paper
Indira Campos and Alex Vines, March 2008

The Chad Cameroon Oil and and Pipeline Project: A Non Completion Report
Meeting Summary
July 2007

Petroleum, Poverty and Security
Briefing Paper
Keith Myers, June 2005


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