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Africa Programme 10th Anniversary Series

The Africa Programme celebrated its 10th Anniversary by holding a series of events and activities.

Established in 2002, the Africa Programme has grown to become the world's largest centre for independent policy research and debate on Africa’s fast changing political dynamics. Africa's international position has transformed, and the Africa Programme has worked to continually improve the quality of information available to international policy and decision makers  - contributing to a growing awareness of Africa’s strategic importance.

To reflect this ongoing fundamental change, the Africa Programme organized a number of events examining different aspects of Africa’s transformation, focussing in particular on where the continent may be heading over the next 10 years. 


Africa's Economic Growth: Transitory or Transformative?
Audio, Summary

The Impacts of New Technology on African Business and Politics
Audio, Video, Summary

Population Growth and Demographic Trends: Implications for African States and Regions
Audio, Summary

Africa's Security and Stability: Key Issues and Opportunities for Progress

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