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Korean Peninsula

Work on Korea aims to improve understanding of this critical part of the world.


Research on the Korean peninsula focuses on critical aspects of both Koreas, the Republic of Korea and the Democratic People's Republic of Korea (DPRK). Experts consider the geopolitical and strategic issues shaping relations between the two Koreas, including the nuclear crisis, the balance of conventional forces on the peninsula, leadership transition in the DPRK, economic policy in the North, and humanitarian issues including human rights. 

Research also considers South Korea's increasingly influential role as a 'middle power', addressing issues relating to foreign and economic policy and climate change.

Work on the ROK is closely integrated with research on Japan and China, centring on the critical alliances, particularly the US-ROK and US-Japan relationships. Research also examines the core themes influencing domestic political change within South Korea, including conservative-progressive ideological tensions and leadership politics.

Creative Power in the 21st Century

The Asia Programme is undertaking a project to explore the concept of 'creative' power as it applies to the role of mid-sized powers and global governance at the beginning of the 21st Century. The project will use examples from the present day and as far back as the last ten years to assess (1) the key strategies, (2) the national attributes and (3) the international dynamics that enable creative powers to promote international prosperity and security. In 2014-15, the project will focus on how effective a role creative powers can play in helping to deliver regional security, traditionally defined. It will take as its case study regional security in Northeast Asia, with an emphasis on the Republic of Korea and its role as a creative power.


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