Current Topics

Our researchers tackle a wide range of specific topics and issues within international affairs.

A replica of the Statue of Liberty is seen emitting smoke from its torch at the Rheinaue Park during the COP23 United Nations Climate Change Conference.

America's International Role

Analysing global perceptions of Donald Trump following his victory in the November 2016 US presidential election, and exploring the impact on America's place in the world.

After Brexit: Britain's Future

The vote to leave the European Union in June 2016 leaves the UK on the front line of some of the biggest political issues of our time.
Grand Central Market in Los Angeles, California, October 2015. Photo: Melina Mara/The Washington Post via Getty Images.


Chatham House research on climate focuses around two broad areas: climate change and low-carbon development.
Cyber Security and Global Interdependence

Cyber Security

Examining security strategies for combating cybercrime and other cyber threats to critical infrastructure such as civil and military nuclear facilities.
A Saudi man walks past a pump at a petrol station in Jeddah. Photo: AMER HILABI/AFP/Getty Images.

The GCC and Gulf States

Chatham House research on the Gulf States encompasses work on the GCC (Gulf Cooperation Council) countries of Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar and the UAE.

Gender and Economic Growth

Exploring empowerment in areas such as women's rights and discrimination, violence against women and girls, and the sharing of unpaid and domestic work.
High-level complex of physiologically active antibiotic substance extracted from blastema at the Arctic Innovation Center (AIC) of Ammosov, North-Eastern Federal University (NEFU) in Yakutsk.Photo: Yuri Smityuk/ITAR-TASS Photo/Corbis.

Global Health Strategy

Examining how best to anticipate and combat global health risks and disease threats, as well as financing and mapping a global health architecture.
South Korean President Park Geun-hye and US President Barack Obama receive a briefing from United Nations Commander General of US-ROK Combined Forces Command in Seoul, on 26 April 2014. Photo: JIM WATSON/AFP/Getty Images.

The Korean Peninsula

Chatham House research on Korea includes security on the Korean peninsula, nuclear weapons in North Korea, and diplomacy in northeast Asia.
A burnt structure at an unofficial Syrian refugee camp in Lebanon's eastern Bekaa Valley, after a fire ripped through it on 1 June 2015 killing a baby and injuring several others. Photo by Getty Images.

The Refugee Crisis

As the conflict in Syria forces record numbers to flee and the crisis on Europe's borders grows, Chatham House experts and contributors examine the humanitarian and policy challenges facing the international community.
Ukraine Crisis.

Ukraine Crisis

The crisis in Ukraine is widening the rift between Moscow and the West, raising significant questions about both European security and Russia’s place in the world.

War in Syria

Chatham House experts explore the dynamics of the conflict within Syria and its regional implications.