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International Law

The International Law Programme conducts policy-oriented research on critical issues of public international law. The programme has grown out of the International Law Discussion Group which regularly brings together lawyers, policy-makers, academics, the business community and civil society to discuss international legal issues and their practical application to current problems in international relations.


Democratic Deficit: National Parliaments and the European Union
In February, a meeting of the International Law Discussion Group addressed the role of national parliaments with respect to legislative proposals put forward by the European Commission. Read the summary

Burma/Myanmar: Prospects for Democracy and the Rule of Law
At an event in February, Robert Pé, adviser on legal affairs to Daw Aung San Suu Kyi provided an overview of the Burmese/Myanmar legal system before addressing particular issues ripe for reform. Read the summary

The Legal Classification of the Armed Conflicts in Syria, Yemen and Libya
A new paper, based on discussions at a workshop held in March 2013, considers what law applied to the situations of violence in respect of Syria, Yemen and Libya during 2010–2013. Read the paper.

The programme’s focus is on emerging issues in international human rights law, international humanitarian law, international criminal law and international refugee law. However, drawing on the expertise of our associate fellows and our wide network of contacts in the legal, academic and policy world, our work covers a much broader range of topics, such as international sanctions regimes and the regulation of natural resources.

For more information on the International Law Programme please contact Ruma Mandal.

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