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The project, Iraq on the Regional and International Stage: National Interests and Foreign Policy Determinants and Dynamics, researched the varied foreign policy interests, influences, and actors inside Iraq. By mapping how Iraq's relationships with regional and global state powers are formed the project highlighted the processes underlying Iraq's foreign policy motivations and decisions.

Through primary, in-country research interviewing key figures in Iraqi politics, external interviews, and workshops in Washington DC and London, our research explored how foreign policy in Iraq is developed and implemented. Competing and at times contradictory interests between socio-political blocs in the country continue to shape how and where Iraq positions itself within the international community.

Key themes addressed in the research include identifying key actors and their subsequent agency influencing state foreign policy, the national interests that most guide foreign policy decisions, to what extent Iraq has a coherent foreign policy and how it is formed, and what primary interests will affect Iraq’s foreign policy decisions in the next decade.

The project was implemented in partnership with the United States Institute for Peace. This project was based on an original concept by Professor Gareth Stansfield.

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Previous work has included a flagship conference on Post-American Iraq and the book Britain and the Middle East in the 9/11 Era.

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