Printing guns, knives and keys: Security will have to tighten up

While 3D printing offers many benefits it will also be open to abuse

The World Today Updated 7 December 2018 Published 4 October 2013 1 minute READ
  • Guns can be made at home using downloadable blueprints. Although these are still rather feeble, they will get better. This poses a serious problem for countries which enforce gun control.
  • Knives made of plastic and capable of wounding or killing people can be made through 3D printing. Airport security systems will have to be ready to counter this threat.
  • House keys can be copied from a smartphone picture. Pirating keys is becoming as simple as pirating films. Once you have the information, anyone can get a copy. More complex locks may be needed.
  • Fingerprints on a coffee mug could be copied and used to gain entry to secure locations. Heart-beat sensors or other improvements to identify a real finger will be required.