Undercurrents: Politics on the Korean Peninsula, and gender in think tank research

Thae Yongho discusses relations with North Korea and the domestic strength of Kim Jong-Un’s regime.

Audio Published 5 March 2021 Updated 12 May 2021 55 minute listen

This week, Undercurrents takes a deep dive into relations between North Korea and its neighbours. Dr John Nilsson-Wright interviews Mr Thae Yongho, a politician and member of South Korea’s National Assembly who was born in North Korea. After serving as North Korea’s Deputy Ambassador to the UK, Mr Thae defected from Kim Jong-Un’s regime in 2016. In this discussion he shares his perspective on the domestic situation in North Korea, as well as how South Korea and the United States should be approaching relations with Kim Jong-Un.

Then Amrit Swali is joined by Laura Dunkley to discuss a new toolkit developed by Chatham House, BASIC and the Centre for Feminist Foreign Policy which sets out ways to mainstream gender in think tank research and events. 

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