Africa Aware: From Nigeria to Libya: Linked through migration and armed conflict

This episode discusses transnational links between the movement of people and armed conflict – from Edo State in Nigeria, through Niger, to Libya.

Audio Updated 5 March 2024 Published 4 March 2024 1 minute READ

Tim Eaton and Leah de Haan discuss structural forms of violence such as unemployment and economic exclusion in Edo State, Nigeria, and more direct forms of violence experienced by people embarking on the migration route through Niger to the Libyan conflict economy.

Leah de Haan outlines how this connection creates a ‘continuum of violence’ linking the three countries, and Tim Eaton discusses how the movement of people has become a resource in Libya’s conflict economy.

This episode was produced with support from the Cross-Border Conflict Evidence, Policy, and Trends (XCEPT) research programme, funded by UK International Development.