Horn of Africa Project

The Horn of Africa Project brings country and region-specific expertise to the analysis of the region’s evolving politics, conflict situations and international relations.

The project produces original research that informs decision-making on the Horn of Africa, targeting a network of policy-makers working both within and outside the region.

The Africa Programme has established itself as one of the world’s primary forums for the analysis and discussion of the Horn of Africa’s complex politics.

Current research

The current phase of the Horn of Africa Project seeks to deepen international understanding and engagement on issues of regional integration. Research areas analyse the repositioning of regional relations through integration and competition, regional diplomacy and bilateral relations, as well as the impact of emerging external relations with the region:

  • The politics of regional integration: drivers and challenges, development and security
  • Regional diplomacy and the influence of domestic interests
  • Evolving economies and emerging external relations with the Horn of Africa

These areas provide for research into how politics and neighbourhood relations in the Horn are developing and what future trends might be.

The project identifies specific ways in which regional and international actors can support integration and cooperation towards addressing the region’s political, security and developmental challenges.

Project activities include timely research outputs, expert analysis, commentary and outreach, as well as public and private events. The Africa Programme offers a neutral forum for debate and discussion on this interconnected region to a diverse network of stakeholders, including UK-based diaspora communities. Project outputs provide information, ideas and new relationships for decision-makers in support of improved policy outcomes in the Horn of Africa.

A key specific project is Sudan Stakeholders Dialogues: Options for Economic Stabilization, Recovery and Inclusive Growth.