Conflict, Peace and Stability

Across the Asia-Pacific, there are numerous conflicts and crises with both national and transnational implications.

Afghanistan is faced with increased insurgency affecting all parts of the country, the world’s second largest refugee population and record numbers of internally displaced peoples and civilian casualties.

Relations between India and Pakistan are poor and the two countries have reverted to shelling over the ‘Line of Control’ that divides the disputed territory of Kashmir.

In Southeast Asia, the world’s fastest growing refugee crisis is evident in the massive exodus of Rohingya to neighboring countries. In East Asia, the flashpoints remain the territorial disputes in the South and East China seas and the North Korea nuclear crisis, both of which have raised the risk of a military conflict in the region, either by design or via misperception and miscalculation.

The Asia-Pacific programme analyses key conflict related challenges across the region in order to provide evidence-based policy analysis and recommendations.

Key projects include Asia-Pacific in a Dynamic WorldKorea Foundation Korea Fellowship and Geostrategic Outlook for the Indo-Pacific 2019-2024.