This project is motivated by the rapidly expanding scale and intensity of the economic relationship between the EU and China. Bilateral trade between the EU and China reached €428 billion in 2013, making the EU China’s largest trade partner, while China is second only to the US for the EU (the two sides have agreed a US$ 1 trillion target for 2020). As economic power and influence shifts globally and regionally, it is critically important to understand the broader implications of this changing relationship.

This 18-month project was launched in 2016 by four leading European and Chinese policy institutes – Bruegel, Chatham House, the Chinese University of Hong Kong, and the China Center for International Economic Exchanges. The project focuses on the economic relationship between the EU and China over the next decade, considering the future trajectory of this relationship, including near-term and mid-term opportunities and challenges. The project engages with key policy communities in China and across Europe in order to stimulate debate and inform policy decisions relevant to EU-China economic relations in the near to medium-term.

The project is funded by Huawei and GlaxoSmithKline.