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SNF CoLab is our project to share our ideas with you in experimental, collaborative ways - and to learn how you think we can design a better future, overcoming challenges like fake news, COVID-19, food security and conflict.

Watch our videos on these topics below and explore our related content, to discover our ideas and imagine your own solutions.

You are never too young to lead, you are never too old to learn.

Kofi Annan, UN Secretary General, 1997-2006

Imagine a world without fake news

The flow of fake news is vast and unlikely to go away. What’s more, imagining a world where fake news is eradicated completely has implications for freedom of expression. But what if, instead of wishing fake news away, we can adapt and become immune to it? Harriet and Mathieu explain how we can avoid drowning in an ocean of fake news and information manipulation.

Imagine a world without fake news

Imagine a world where we prevent pandemics

Imagining a world where we can prevent pandemics is an ambitious yet achievable aspiration, according to David and Emma. Find out what it will take, and learn more about our relationship with the animal kingdom and why David likes to talk about a ‘Swiss cheese event’.

Imagine a world where we prevent pandemics

Imagine a world where we pay the true cost of food

Paying the true cost of food isn’t about paying more for our groceries, it’s about changing the way we produce, distribute and consume food. A shift away from practices that have huge costs both for our personal health and for the environment is urgently needed. Laura and Ana explain why a healthy diet will lead to a healthy planet.

Imagine a world where we pay the true cost of food

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Imagine a world without violent conflict

At the heart of violent conflict is our inability to manage non-violent conflict. Patricia and Champa explain what we can do to curb escalation and why we need a new way to talk about women in conflict. Imagining a world without conflict is possible, but it’s a world in which constant vigilance is needed.

Imagine a world without conflict

Imagine a world of radical design

The COVID-19 pandemic has exacerbated existing global challenges relating to poverty, health, the climate emergency, social and economic inequality and the transformation of work.

We've teamed up with the London Design Biennale to launch Design in an Age of Crisis, which encourages budding young designers to find radical and rapid responses to problems facing humanity, today and tomorrow.

Learn more on the London Design Biennale site for updates on the project and listen to related podcasts below.