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Our researchers develop positive solutions to global challenges, working with governments, charities, businesses and society to build a better future. 

SNF CoLab is our project to share our ideas with you in experimental, collaborative ways - and to learn how you think we can design a better future, overcoming challenges like pandemics, climate change and conflict.

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You are never too young to lead, you are never too old to learn.

Kofi Annan, UN Secretary General, 1997-2006

Dealing with climate change: imagine a better world

Humanity is responsibile for our planet’s unprecedented heating. The threat is real, imminent and requires dramatic action. How is the world responding, what can be done differently, and how can a balance be struck between the needs of people and nature?

Building strong societies: imagine a better world

How can we better defend human rights in an age of mass surveillance? How can young people be empowered to shape their future? And how can we protect justice, education and tolerance in an age of fake news, conflict and inequality?

Accessible healthcare for all: imagine a better world

The COVID-19 pandemic has raised urgent questions about cooperation, innovation and fairness during a global health crisis. How can we do better in future?

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Happier working lives: imagine a better world

The COVID-19 pandemic accelerated existing trends that are transforming how, where and when we work. How can we ensure technology creates more productive, healthy future workplaces and better career opportuntities?