Future of Globalization

This project examines how rapid changes in the political, economic and technology environment are influencing the path of globalization.

Our research is examining what policy measures are needed to preserve, as far as possible, the economic gains realised by globalization over the past two decades while combatting the social, economic, and political downsides. We are also looking at the implications for international economic governance, particularly the future evolution of international financial institutions, G7, and G20.

Among the initial focus areas for this work are the global investment framework, international debt and innovative finance for global health.

Roundtable on Innovative Finance for Global Health

Chatham House, in partnership with Global Citizen and ONE, hosted a roundtable that examined the potential role of innovative finance in meeting global health needs arising from the COVID-19 pandemic. Participants were drawn from national governments, multilateral financial institutions, the private sector, philanthropic organizations, civil society and think-tanks. Read a meeting summary of the topics discussed.