A more intensive usage of long-dated financial assets could support these investments and help to restore long-term growth, in the broader context of the implementation of more integrated policies.

The current period is a crucial moment for the economic future of the EU, which is searching for sustained growth after the crisis. Coordinated supra-national policies on rewarding infrastructural projects would bring about ‘good’ growth and, at the same time, would offer more appealing opportunities to institutional investors such as pension, insurance and infrastructure funds which are increasingly looking for profitable projects where to invest in order to support their long-dated liabilities.

The project has built on three roundtable events on the topics of investments in infrastructure and on the analysis of the most appropriate financial instruments with the purpose to feed into the research agenda. A research workshop convened at Chatham House is a core part of the project in order to discuss the contents of the research and present the preliminary findings. Over the whole course of the project, some closed-door consultations in Rome, London and Brussels have been scheduled so as to discuss the preliminary findings with key policy makers and experts from the academic and the private sector.

The project is developed in partnership with Finmeccanica UK Ltd. The contribution of Macquarie, Pension Insurance Corporation and StormHarbour is also kindly acknowledged.