Policy Opportunities to Support Sustainable Livestock Strategy Implementation

This project will help the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation identify policies that support financially, environmentally and socially sustainable animal and aquaculture systems.

The Centre on Global Health Security will deliver a 12-month project to develop a decision tool that will help the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation identify policies that support and facilitate the development of financially, environmentally and socially sustainable animal (ruminant and poultry) and aquaculture (fresh and salt water) systems that are nutrition- and gender-sensitive.

The outcome of this project will be better identification of policy options that promote inclusive agricultural transformation using newer technologies, while empowering women and ensuring well-nourished families. Understanding gained from this project will also contribute to more dynamic economies in lesser developed countries by helping overcome challenges across ruminant, poultry and aquaculture systems. The project will focus on understanding policies of animal and aquaculture systems in the public, private, and civil society sectors as they relate to agriculture (SDG2), aquaculture (SDG14), public health (SDG3), transport (SDG9), economics and trade (SDGs 1 & 8), gender (SDG5) and environment (SDG13) at the global, regional (Sub-Saharan Africa and South Asia) and country levels.

This project is funded by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, who will utilize policy tools developed to shape livestock and agriculture strategy.