Rethinking the Global Health Architecture

The Centre on Global Health Security engaged leading thinkers in a process of dialogue, research and analysis on the future of the global health system.

During the past 20 years there has been major progress in public health across the world. Life expectancy has increased and many more people live healthy lives. However, major needs remain, and in many places inequalities in economic status and health have increased.

Given that both the development challenges and the economic situation are changing across the world, the global system needs to adapt. Based on where we are today and future needs, the key questions are:

  • Is the system fit for purpose?
  • Are the purposes of the different parts of the system clearly defined?
  • What is the role of the UN system within an international system that has changed and continues to change?

This project analysed whether the functions of the global health system match the needs. It considered the current state of the global health architecture and identified the current and future gaps in functions. The project also analysed whether the flows and sources of financing are appropriate, determining priority areas for change and developing any necessary plan of action.