Global Governance and the Rule of Law

Our work in this area explores the rule of law at both global and national level, particularly in countries in transition.

Photo of mayors and youth activists hold a joint press conference at the C40 World Mayors Summit on 11 October 2019 in Copenhagen, Denmark.

As the UN approaches its 75th anniversary at a period of increasing geopolitical competition and uncertainty, we explore the prospects for renewal and adaptation of the rules-based international order. How are governance mechanisms adapting to shifts in global power, the emergence of non-state actors and new global challenges? How can these systems become more inclusive, accountable and effective – and how can new technologies support transformation?

Our work in this area includes the ‘Our Shared Humanity’ Conference which convened diverse actors working on peace, human rights and sustainable development to reflect on Kofi Annan’s legacy in these areas and identify practical recommendations for renewed engagement and progress.