Meeting the Challenge of Forced Displacement

Our work examines issues such as the legal framework surrounding environmental displacement and the prospects for enhanced international cooperation to address humanitarian emergencies.

With the number of people displaced globally at a record high, the refugee and migration issue has become deeply divisive, both within and between states.

What are the prospects for improving international cooperation to address these humanitarian crises more effectively and with regard for the rights of refugees?

And what are the challenges for international law in responding to the contemporary landscape of displacement, including the situation of refugees and those displaced as a consequence of climate change?

Previous work in this project includes the Forum on Refugee and Migration Policy, set up by Chatham House and the Overseas Development Institute (ODI) to facilitate dialogue between an actors influencing refugee and migration policy globally and act as a ‘repository of knowledge’ and good practice.

The first policy brief, Understanding public attitudes towards refugees and migrants, is available on the ODI website.