Cyber Simulation Exercises

Our interactive, immersive simulation exercises test your executive-level decision-making and communication strategies during a cyber crisis.

Our simulation exercises are designed to stress-test your readiness to respond to sophisticated cyber threats and build your knowledge of best practice in crisis management.

The exercises, organized by our International Security Programme, take place in Chatham House’s simulation centre as a highly dynamic game, drawing on gaming elements and live injects.

Our exercises aim to:

  1. Directly engage your C-suite in cyber security by providing first-hand experience of decision making and communication during a crisis.
  2. Assess your incident response knowledge, identifying gaps and stimulating thinking on strategy.
  3. Establish partnerships and relationships across sectors to increase collaboration on cybersecurity challenges.

The courses are suitable for:

•    C-suite (CEO, CFO, CISO etc.)
•    Board members
•    Senior management
•    General counsel
•    PR/communications professionals
•    HR professionals
•    Cyber threat intelligence
•    Business continuity management
•    Incident coordinators

To enquire about the course please contact the International Security Programme.