Humanitarian Impact of Nuclear Weapons

Our projects on nuclear security issues focus on assessing the institutional strength of the nuclear non-proliferation regime and global commitment to disarmament.

This project aims to challenge the way in which the nuclear weapons issue is currently framed by highlighting the humanitarian approach to nuclear disarmament. The project brings together a range of diverse opinions, engaging both academics and humanitarian (‘boots-on-the-ground’) workers from developing countries to participate and contribute their specialized knowledge.

Unlike other weapons systems, nuclear disarmament has been treated solely as a matter for high strategic politics and has ossified in the international system. A new fresh approach that addresses the priorities of developing countries and the humanitarian agenda is needed.

Fissile Materials Working Group

The International Security Department also carries out research on nuclear security as a member of the Fissile Materials Working Group, a non-governmental coalition of international organizations committed to improving fissile material security. Through engagement with a broad range of stakeholders, and a series of regional and international meetings, this work seeks to advance understanding on the challenges of securing fissile material, nuclear stockpiles, and nuclear arsenals in politically unstable countries. By harnessing world-class knowledge and technical expertise, the working group strives to provide policy solutions for improving international security norms to secure fissile material.