Implementing the Commonwealth Cyber Security Agenda

This project provides a pan-Commonwealth platform with the aim of taking the Commonwealth Cyber Declaration forward by means of a holistic, inclusive and representative approach.

The 2018 Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting (CHOGM), held in London in April, oversaw both the creation and the adoption of the Commonwealth Cyber Declaration.

The Declaration sets the framework for a concerted effort to advance cybersecurity practices to promote a safe and prosperous cyberspace for Commonwealth citizens, businesses and societies. The ultimate aim is to improve cyber policymaking through improving knowledge. To achieve this, the project worked towards:

  1. Initiating a structured dialogue on cyber capacity building in the Commonwealth, based on ongoing initiatives under the Declaration to discuss progress, challenges, mitigating measures and best practices
  2. Creating an informal network that connects key Commonwealth policy influencers with capacity builders and sources of expertise at Commonwealth and global levels
  3. Sharing and developing a common understanding of good practices.

Meeting summaries from events on Cybersecurity in the Commonwealth: