Economic Transformation in North Africa (2017-2020)

This project explored the socio-economic challenges facing North African countries and how to address them by setting transformative economic agendas.

The research focused on how economic relations with China and Europe could contribute towards efforts by countries in the region to address much needed socio-economic reforms. 

In countries such as Morocco and Tunisia, there is a strong imperative to address socio-economic challenges and regional disparities with more innovative thinking, offering up greater economic opportunity and inclusive development models.

With countries across the region struggling to respond to domestic hardships and global economic challenges in a context of weak regional cooperation, fresh thinking regarding new economic models among developing and emerging economies is needed.

Understanding the role that international cooperation, in particular with global powers in Europe and China, can play was the central focus to this initiative. It engaged with stakeholders across North Africa, Europe and China to learn more about the entry points for greater cooperation, and how they could be enhanced.