Ukraine: reconstruction and resilience

Examining Ukraine’s domestic trends and how Russian aggression is affecting its governance, resilience and capacity to build new institutions.

Even while fighting back against Russia’s invasion, Ukraine continues to reshape its institutions and address systemic issues of governance and corruption. The war has accelerated some structural reforms, and EU integration provides a historic opportunity to uproot crony capitalism, boost foreign direct investment (FDI) and rebuild Ukraine with a renewed society and economy.  

Ukraine has proven that its civil society, private sector and communities are able to self-organize and share the burden with the state at times of peace and peril. This workstream seeks to understand the sources of Ukraine’s resilience and identify how to embed new approaches into governance and the economy.   

  • What kind of Ukraine will emerge post-war and how might the war modernize Ukraine?
  • What vision for economic growth can drive private sector investment in Ukraine?
  • How has the war impacted the Ukrainian ‘systema’ of crony capitalism and what are the prospects of curtailing corruption?   
  • Ukrainian democracy: how to preserve it now and strengthen it post-war?