Claire Muñoz Parry

Assistant Director, Global Health Programme


Claire Muñoz Parry is the assistant director at the Centre for Universal Health in Chatham House’s Global Health Programme where she leads the ‘Healthy Societies’ portfolio and is a focal point for business development, fundraising, external relations and partnership activities. Her responsibilities include strategic advice, project supervision, event design and programme and financial management.

Claire’s research interests include the social determinants of health and technology for health specifically applications of artificial intelligence. She has contributed to research for the Lancet-Chatham House Commission on Improving Population Health post-COVID-19 and, in 2020, published the research paper ‘Artificial Intelligence for Healthcare: Insights from India’ with associate fellow Urvashi Aneja.

Before working at Chatham House, Claire worked at the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development, the London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine and the Spanish Heart Foundation.

Claire holds a Bachelor’s degree in International Relations and Security Studies from the University of Wales and a Master’s degree in Development Administration and Management from the University of Manchester.