Luc Pagès

Associate Fellow, Europe Programme


Vice Admiral Luc Pagès became an associate fellow at Chatham House in January 2022. Before that, from 2018 to 2021, he was Defence Attaché to the French Embassy in the United Kingdom.

Previously, he held various positions of responsibility in international defence relations, including Head of the Office for French Bilateral Military Relations dealing with about 50 Euro-Atlantic countries, Naval Attaché to the French Embassy in the United States, Deputy Head of the Policy Desk at NATO Transformation Command in Norfolk and Coordination Officer for SACT and DSACT.

Commissioned in 1989, he held three commands at sea (Brest, Tahiti, Toulon) and participated in numerous operations in the Mediterranean Sea, the Atlantic, Indian, and Pacific Oceans.

A graduate of the French Naval Academy, he completed a Master’s degree in national security strategy at National Defense University, Washington, DC.

He works currently as a defence and international relations consultant.

Past experience

August 2022 - Present

Defence and international relations consultant (freelance)

October 2021 - Present Defence Advisor to the Security Studies Center of the French Institute of International Relations, Paris
July 2018-21 Defence Attaché, Embassy of France, London
July 2016-18 Head of the Euro-Atlantic military bilateral relations office, French Joint Staff, Paris
July 2013-16

Naval Attaché, Embassy of France, Washington DC, United States