Col (retd) Philip Wilkinson OBE

Associate Fellow, International Security Programme


Philip Wilkinson served in the British Army for 31 years and has had counter-insurgency experience in the Far East, Middle East and Northern Ireland. He is the author of UK, NATO and AU Peace Support Operations doctrine manuals.

After leaving the British Army in 1999, Philip became a senior research fellow at Kings College, London for 4 years. In 2011-12 he worked in Palestine where he helped establish a senior leaders course for civil servants and senior officers from the security forces.

He has worked as a strategic security adviser in the conduct of comprehensive national security reviews in Bosnia with the tri-presidency, in Rwanda with President Kagame, in Sri Lanka with the defence minister, in Palestine with the minister for security, with the national security adviser in Kabul for 2 years, and with the national security adviser in Baghdad for 3 years.

He is currently employed as the strategic security adviser to the president of Somalia.

Philip was made an MBE for service in Northern Ireland and an OBE for the development of PSO doctrine.

Past experience

2013- Member of SCID panel of experts at Leicester University
2005- Associate Fellow, International Security Department, Chatham House
2002 - Member of the Royal Swedish Academy of War Sciences
2000-03 Senior Research Fellow, CDS, Kings College, London
1967-99 Military command and staff to colonel level