The Africa Programme at Chatham House develops independent policy-focused research on issues affecting individual states of Africa, the African continent as a whole and relations in the international system. 


By working with the best international researchers on African politics, Chatham House offers reliable and independent research which is published globally. Using its reputation and influence, Africa Programme impacts on policy.


Policy-making in and towards Africa often suffers owing to a lack of accurate, up-to-date and reliable information, a lack of coordination between policy-makers and incoherent political focus. The Africa Programme mitigates these by identifying and delivering research which is:

  • Politically focused, whilst accommodating economic and developmental approaches
  • Policy-based, seeking to affect decision-making and outcomes
  • Regionally and country-led with a cautious approach to continental themes
  • Based on empirical data and an avoidance of repackaged existing information
  • Forward-thinking and differentiated from current research elsewhere

Thematic Research

  • Africa in the international system
  • Demographic change and inclusive economic growth
  • Elections and political systems
  • Technology and governance
  • Peace and security
  • Extractive industries and resource governance

Regional Coverage

Our research covers all countries in sub-Saharan Africa. Expertise is also available on Africa in the international system, with particular reference to Europe, US, Russia, India, China, Brazil and the G8 and G20.

North Africa is covered by the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) Programme at Chatham House, with which the Africa Programme collaborates.


Our events provide the opportunity to engage world-renowned figures in discussing issues pertinent to Africa's national, regional and international politics.

The unique convening power and independent reputation of Chatham House and contacts with over 9,000 key decision-makers on Africa globally mean that briefing papers and reports are widely read and taken seriously. The Africa Programme promotes consensus and outcome orientated debate. By supporting informed reporting by international news agencies, the Africa Programme improves the quality of information disseminated globally.


In consultation with sponsors and other stakeholders, the Africa Programme initiates, monitors and delivers research, ensuring quality and accountability.

The majority of expertise is provided by associate fellows, who are appointed on the basis of their extensive knowledge and experience in one or more fields. 

More Information

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