The Africa Programme utilizes its strong contacts with governmental and non-governmental actors across Africa and around the world to help generate a better understanding of the changing dynamics of the African political and economic landscape.

In recent years, the Africa Programme has built strong expertise and led several research projects focused on Asian re-engagement in Africa. Research on the impact of Asian National Oil Companies in Angola and Nigeria culminated in the report, Thirst for African Oil published in 2009. The report is also available in Chinese and Portuguese. 

As increasing numbers of emerging economies around the world develop political and economic relations with African states in pursuit of a number of strategic goals, the Africa Programme launched a series of papers in 2014 looking at this relationship between Africa and emerging powers. Options for improving the effectiveness of international policy towards Africa in the post-G8 world were discussed in a previous report, Our Common Strategic Interests: Africa's role in the Post-G8 World, published in 2010. We also published a report on Brazil’s engagement in Africa.

In 2010 we hosted a conference on India's modern-day relationship with African countries and the future engagement between India and the continent. A report summarizes the conference. Ahead of the 2011 India-Africa Forum, a collection of resources examined India-Africa relations.

For the 2010 EU-Africa Summit, we compiled a list of resources to understand and explain the policy implications of the relationships between the European Union and the African Union and their constituent members.

The programme also looks in detail at the UK’s complex engagement in Africa through our work on UK Policy in Africa.

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